Yandex offered AvtoVAZ, as well as the Chinese BAIC Group and Chery, to supply leasing cars to taxi companies, Forbes writes.

Corresponding letter from Yandex Business Development Director Ivan Zapolsky to AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov. A Yandex representative noted that Lada cars work in taxis and have proven themselves to be reliable vehicles.

Similar important Yandex contacted the Chinese BAIC Group and Chery, as well as the Belarusian automaker Unison. Yandex quality manufacturers demand for large lots of cars for leasing in taxis. After the completion of the leasing, the cars become the property of the taxi companies.

Of the automotive companies, only Chery has confirmed cooperation with Yandex.

We offer cars for leasing under the guarantee of use for the purpose of use.

Tit Ignatiev, Director of Corporate Sales and Used Cars, Chery

Every year, Yandex needs more than 50,000 taxis to upgrade its taxi fleet. The company is looking for a choice to avoid a car shortage that could happen in a year.

At the moment, Yandex.Taxi and its partners, including taxi companies, do not require an acute shortage of cars.

Earlier, Yandex.Taxi found Kia, Skoda, Volkswagen cars in the Economy tariff, which are not currently available in dealerships. The source of the report said that supply problems were expected during the pandemic, but worsened after the disappearance of brands in 2022. [Forbes]

Source: Iphones RU

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