Small businesses in the field of online and offline trading in the first half of 2022 increased their turnover by 8% year-on-year. At the same time, excluding inflation, growth was 24.3%, according to a study by the MySklad service.

Small Business Retail Turnover Up 8% in H1: Study

Top 10 regions in terms of small business turnover growth:

  1. Tula Region – 32.5%
  2. Republic of Tatarstan – 27.1%
  3. Republic of Bashkortostan – 25.2%
  4. Belgorod Region – 23.9%
  5. Leningrad Region – 23.6%
  6. Kaluga Region – 21.1%
  7. Ryazan Region – 20.4%
  8. Kirov region – 18.2%
  9. Sverdlovsk region – 17.7%
  10. Vologda Oblast – 16.9%

In Moscow, taking into account inflation, the turnover of small businesses increased by 8%, in the Moscow region the growth was 14%. Saint Petersburg showed an increase of 4% and the Leningrad region – 24.3%.

MoegoSklad analysts identified several factors for the growth of small business turnover in the context of an unfavorable economic situation:

  • Abnormally high demand and prices in March this year.
  • Change in the geography of domestic tourism due to the closure of airports.
  • Suspension of international brands. This made it possible for small businesses to sell similar products or work with goods on the parallel import list.
  • Development of production in the interior of the country. The growth of small businesses.
  • The outflow of money abroad has decreased, consumers spend money within the country.

“The study does not take into account the companies that closed due to the difficult economic situation this year. However, those companies that have remained in the market are growing, the economic situation is not critical for them,” said Askar Rakhimberdiev, CEO and co-founder of MySklad cloud service.

According to him, the growth in turnover is mainly due to online commerce. Buyers look for the products they are used to in the markets.

“MySklad” studied the performance of more than 20 thousand companies in the field of small business throughout the Russian Federation. Data from online and offline trading companies were taken into account.


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Source: RB

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