After the end of the second season The Mandalorianas well as the events that took place in Boba Fett book, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) may be destined to rule mandalorian now that the dark saber is at his disposal. However, this will conflict with Bo Catan (Katie Sakoff).

The new season should resolve this conflict and tell about everything related to the home planet of both. So far in the series, he has only mentioned that it has been devastated by a brutal purge and that its inhabitants are hiding in unknown parts of the galaxy.

However, it is much more than a devastated enclave. It is the center of intrigue in the fearsome territories of the outer edge of the galaxy. Particularly due to the warlike and violent nature of its people and its widespread reputation as a bounty hunter, hinted at in several chapters The Mandalorian.

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One of the most interesting points is that mandalorian he has influence over thousands of star systems, be it politics or the skill of his fighters. What was shown in the stories about Star Wars: The Clone Wars and that it’s part of the franchise’s canon. It’s more than likely that Jon Favreau uses the wide variety of data that the franchise’s mythology provides in this regard.

Mandalore, a troubled planet that collapsed in the midst of battle

The planet faced centuries of violence that eventually ravaged its atmosphere and forced its inhabitants to live under domes. The devastation of the surface and the actions of various leaders forced part of the population to abandon the continuation of hostilities. The result was a league that called itself New Mandalorians.

And thanks to them, a regime that advocated appeasement came to power. It was led Duchess Satin Kryze. In an attempt to maintain a balance, those who still insisted on fighting—against the new leaders or against each other—were exiled. moon concordia it thus became the place where the oldest and certainly the wildest traditions of civilization were preserved.

The difference that would be obvious in clone warswhen the government of Mandalore was overthrown. A few years before invasion of naboo in hand trade federation, disagreements between factions provoked a civil riot. So serious and total that he put the territory in worse conditions than before.

Teacher Jedi Qui Gon Jinn and his padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi They intervened to protect the rulers. It was thanks to both of them that the prominent head of the ruling family managed to survive. However, the destructive actions ended up destroying the small habitable surface. especially in keldabecapital.

Once again those who clung to archaic war rituals were banished to Concord. At least those who were supposed to be the surviving radical wing of the old bloodshed beliefs. For a time there was a brief period of peace guarded by the Jedi. But the terrorist movement death clock, it flourished in secret and under the protection of exiles. Which, in the end, will be the greatest threat that the fragile central government of Mandalore will have to face.

Mando is the eventual ruler of Mandalore in the third season of The Mandalorian.

fall of Mandalore

For most of its history, the planet has been faithful Galactic Republic. But, after the first conflicts that marked the fall of democracy in the galaxy, Mandalore declared himself neutral during the confrontation that was fought against Confederation of Independent Systems.

However death clock agreed with the separatists to destroy the regents mandalorian and regain control. After several events, including an attempted kidnapping and murder Kryze, people had to confirm their decision not to participate in any hostilities. That found opposition on various external and even internal fronts. He Prime Minister Almec he was about to create a massive tragedy by creating a black market for illegal substances. In the end, this was avoided thanks to the senator Naboo, padme amydalaAnd duchess.

However, the conflicts on Mandalore continued. From blaming the ruling family for an alleged conspiracy against Republic, until the attack by the students of the Jedi Temple. The planet has gone through all sorts of turmoil that marked the end of a period of calm.

Finally, death clock He took control and imprisoned all the political leaders who opposed them. A few months later, Obi-Wan Kenobi tried to save satin edgebut she was killed Darth Maul, an ally of the radical faction. Which made this region an ideal place to participate in a war that would culminate in the overthrow of the intergalactic order.

Mando and Grog, The Mandalorian

Siege and final defeat

at the end clone wars, Ahsoka TanoHe Commander CT-7567And Bo Catansister satin edgeThey sought to restore power. The siege caused new unrest and is perhaps one of the most critical moments for the inhabitants. When the triumph was achieved, it coincided with the execution of Order 66 and the ensuing violence.

In the midst of battles death clock reigned again. They later attacked the Jedi in the fall old republic. They destroyed not only the temple of the Order on their territory, but also several commandos in helmets. Beskar they plundered Coruscant. The group’s goal was to capture the dark sword from Tarre Vizslathe only native of the planet, accepted among the venerable leaders.

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Made practically uninhabitable, with its inhabitants annihilated and amidst the horrors of destruction, mandalorian waiting for another rightful ruler. Will it be a role Din Djarin during the third season The Mandalorian? It remains only to wait.

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