The Russian Society of Authors filed lawsuits against the Karo cinema chains and the united cinema network Formula Kino and Cinema Park. The amount of claims against legal entities of the united cinema network is 10.3 million rubles, against legal entities of Karo – 7.4 million rubles.

RAO filed lawsuits against major movie theater chains

The subject of the dispute is deductions for the use of music by foreign copyright holders who have left Russia, Kommersant was told at Formula Kino and Cinema Park.

In the company itself, they assure that they are trying to collect debts that arose even before the start of the special operation. Movie theaters are simply trying to use the events as an excuse to avoid paying off accumulated debt.

Lawyers say the requirements are likely to be met. The origin of the rights holders does not affect the existence of royalty obligations when films they own are shown. Specialists do not know of cases where the courts denied the right to receive royalties to copyright holders who left Russia.

The experts described the position of the cinemas as “a purely emotional desire to reduce the costs associated with the implementation of the deductions”.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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