In September, a number of new laws and changes come into force in Russia: a new version of the law “On Advertising” comes into force, which caused concern among players in the advertising market, and the requirement to pre-install the Russian store of Applications

In addition, companies will no longer be able to deny services to citizens if they do not want to share personal data.

Changes in the law “On advertising”, pre-installation of the Russian application store – new for business since September

New version of the law “On advertising”

As of September 1, all targeted, contextual, and graphical advertising on the Internet must be marked as “advertising.” Market participants must now transfer data on advertising campaigns, including audience parameters, to the unified accounting system.

RB.RU found out what to expect from the online advertising market from the new version of the law and how to prepare for innovations.

Russian App Store Preset

Smartphones and other types of “technically complex goods” now require pre-installation from the Russian app store. The official national app store is now RuStore – it is being developed by VK together with the largest IT companies with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation.

Personal data protection

Companies will no longer be able to refuse to provide services to Russians if they do not want to share personal data (unless required by law). Refusal to enter into a contract due to the fact that the consumer did not provide a full name, phone number or email will cost the company 50 thousand rubles.

Companies must also notify Roskomnadzor about the processing of personal data and, in the event of a data leak, inform the agency within 24 hours of the incident. If the leak occurred due to a computer incident, the company is obliged to report it to the Russian FSB’s GosSOPKA system.

It also prohibited the processing of biometric data of minors.

Open accounts online

Banks with a universal license are now required to provide individual customers with the opportunity to open accounts (deposits) and receive ruble loans without a personal presence after identification. This can be done on the mobile app and on the website.

Unified system of electronic vouchers

The tour operators will incorporate the information contained in the agreement for the execution of the tourist product in a single electronic voucher information system. Tourists will be able to download information from this system, for example, to protect their rights.

Exchange of personnel documents with the help of “Gosuslug”

Entrepreneurs, workers and applicants can now write, sign with an electronic signature and send electronic personal documents through the State Services. But the decision of whether or not to introduce electronic document management in the company is made by the employer. He also defines a list of such documents and categories of employees who will be able to switch to the new format.

Termination of the lease contract unilaterally

As of September 13, landlords who work in the field of commerce or restoration may unilaterally refuse to honor lease contracts. But there is one condition: the tenant must be under the control of foreign persons associated with hostile states, and not meet the requirement to resume use of the property or pay rent in the average monthly amount.


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