Last Saturday (3) video of a user claiming to have Your iPhone camera got burned by laser during DJ Alok’s concert It went viral on the internet. With the reaction, the artist spoke through a video on TikTok.

DJ explains that his team paid great attention to the direction of the lasers during the show. “Can the laser light the cell phone? Yes, it can. That’s why we always aim the laser upwards,” he says, showing photos taken of the show’s lights from other angles.

“Otherwise we would have burned the cell phones of the entire party, which would have been a great loss,” he explained. DJ points out that the team takes care not to cause problems even with the location of the television cameras. Check out the video:



? original sound – alok

On the same day, Alok even jokingly commented on the fan post.

This is possible?

The original post has already received almost 250,000 likes on Twitter and has generated a lot of repercussions in recent days. But is it really possible for a laser to burn a smartphone camera? Yes, high-intensity lasers can damage the mobile phone, but it is worth noting that for this to happen, the smartphone must be exposed for a certain amount of time, which is not included in the video.

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