It looks like AMD’s next-generation Ryzen processors will only work with DDR5 memory. Tom’s Hardware claims to have verified this from multiple sources. There is also news about the motherboards involved: the high-end X670 chipset may consist of two parts. chips

There are conflicting voices regarding the memory support of Zen 4 chips. where is famous leaky Claiming last month that the chips can handle both ddr4 and ddr5, Tom’s Hardware says it’s almost certain that only the new ddr5 is supported.

At its CES presentation in January, AMD shared that ddr5 is indeed part of the new AM5 platform, but whether ddr4 is also a possibility, the company has never confirmed or denied. Competitor Intel has chosen to support both standards with their Alder Lake processors, so one can also opt for the obviously cheaper DDR4 ram.

Motherboards with Chiplets

Also, AMD seems to be doing well. chipthe strategy is to use several smaller chips instead of one large chip that extends to the motherboards. X670 chipset two identical It is possible Where the B650 contains one.

B650’s Tom’s Hardware claims the chipset offers eight PCIe 4.0 lanes along with four SATA ports and a host of USB connections. The X670 will likely double that, given the presence of two chips. AMD also openly mentioned pcie 5.0 during the introduction of Zen 4 and AM5, so it seems plausible that this new standard will also be supported – but probably not by all chipsets.

Sources: Tom’s Hardware, China Times

Source: Hardware Info

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