When the regulator intervenes in the procurement process, we usually become aware of confidential information that companies have kept secret for one reason or another. Now that Microsoft is providing all the documentation needed to close the deal to buy Activision, data leaked in the middle of which we only had estimates from market intelligence firms. I mean of course xbox one sales figures.

You don’t need to be enlightened to understand that back in the days of last generation consoles, the PlayStation 4 dominated from start to finish. This is mainly related to Microsoft’s wrong initial strategy; with managers who prefer the entertainment system All in one instead of focusing on what really mattered: video games. Well, we finally know how the market punished the Xbox One.

In a document handed over to the Brazilian regulator, where cross-claims appeared between Sony and Microsoft to buy Activision, individuals led by Satya Nadella reported that they have sold 58.5 million Xbox One units through 2021.; this was the year they stopped production to focus entirely on the Xbox Series X|S. On paper, this number is not negative until we compare it to PS4 sales…

According to data provided by Sony, The PlayStation 4 has sold 117.2 million units through March of this year.. In fact, this will be the last time the Japanese report this data, as the production of said equipment is coming to an end.

With both numbers on hand, we can determine a sales ratio of 2:1. Namely, For every Xbox One sold, there were two PlayStation 4s.. The difference is noticeable, especially when you consider that the two platforms just fought a fairly even battle in sales. Recall that the difference between the Xbox 360 and PS3 was minimal.

The current generation is a different story.

What is happening in the current generation is not at all like the previous one. Led by Phil Spencer, Xbox on the right track, fighting side by side with PlayStation. The Xbox Series X and Series S got off to a great start. Not only because of the appeal of its hardware – and price in the case of a budget option – but also because the platform runs on Xbox Game Pass, the best gaming service available today.

To what has been said, it must be added that Microsoft is throwing the whole house out of the window to beef up its game catalogwhich has been one of the most criticized aspects of the Xbox One. In early 2021, they completed the purchase of Zenimax, announced in 2020, the owner bethesdafor $7,500 million.

But the real bombshell came in January of this year when they announced their intention to acquire Activision Blizzard in exchange for $68.7 billion. The latter, however, has yet to be approved by regulators; although everything indicates that it will not be a problem to close it. When completed, it would be the largest purchase in video game history. franchises like Call of Duty D World of Warcraft will be controlled by Xbox.

At this time, it is still difficult to dare to say who will win in the current generation. However, you can be sure that the difference in sales will again be minimal.

Source: Hiper Textual

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