At the last presentation of the iPhone 14, Cupertino updated two lines of smart watches. Annual update in the form Apple Watch Series 8 received a common line, and the new Apple Watch Series SE 2 replaced the review of a budget gadget.

Now we compare all the parameters of the new smartwatches and figure out who suits individual models.

1. Dimensions and design

More expensive model Apple Watch Series 8 has a modern look and is similar to Apple watches of the latest generations. For two years, the Cupertino team has significantly increased the usable area on the front surface of the device and made the transition to the edges more frequent.

The bezels around the screen are minimal. Hours are made from calculation and began to be considered. The front side is covered Ion-X glass for aluminum modifications and sapphire for steel models.

The device is available in two sizes: 45 mm and 41 mm.

Enclosure Ingress Protection Claims IP6X. The gadget can be fed into the water for a calculation of up to 50 meters.

The watch is available in four colors: black, white, gold and red Product RED (the latter is available only for aluminum models).

More affordable model Apple Watch SE 2 performance in a classic design with shiny frames around the display. The device is similar to a watch from 4 years ago and earlier devices.

The watch case is found only in an aluminum case, the case back is made of nylon composite material. Front surface covered with glass Ion-X.

The device is available in two sizes: 44 mm and 40 mm.

The watch is not certified for dust and moisture protection. The manufacturer allows water sports in the watch (pool and ocean). Diving deeper than 50 meters is not recommended.

The watch is available in three colors: black, white and gold.


AT Apple Watch Series 8 using a pair of Retina displays 45 mm (396 x 484 mounts) and 41 mm (352 x 430 inches) with redundant frames around the screen.

Supported Technology Always onwhich includes a significant amount of information in static mode, even when the watch is not in use.

Screen area 20% morethan the Apple Watch SE. The brightness of the matrix is 1000 nits.

AT Apple Watch SE 2 installing retina displays 44 mm (368 x 448 pixels) and 40 mm (324 x 394 pixels).

maximum matrix brightness 1000 nits. Technology Always on not easy.

3. Sensors and technologies

New Apple Watch Series 8 are equipped with a blood oxygen level sensor, are able to build the user’s ECG, notify of an increased or increased pulse, and are prone to arrhythmias. An optical sensor of the third generation is responsible for the measurement.

The new optical clock is built-in thermometerwhich is able to measure body temperature with a frequency up to 12 measurements per minute. The gadget can use ovulation cycles.

Another innovation is automatic vehicle recognition with user participation. At the same time, the watch can send an emergency signal and contact the contacts from the medical record.

The gadget is running a new 64-bit S8 chip. The watch is equipped with a compass, GPS-module and altimeter. There is a built-in U1 processor for a more accurate location of the gadget (does not work in Russia).

A more expensive line of watches can work in the network WiFi 5 GHz and supports fast charging.

AT Apple Watch SE 2 there is a built-in heart rate sensor, smart algorithms can detect arrhythmia and notify you of a sharp use of the heart rate.

Measurements appear by a second generation optical sensor.

The device can record different types of car accidentsin which users have got and emergency messages are sent.

Clock management 64-bit S8 processor. On board there is a compass, a GPS module and an altimeter.

All differences briefly


Apple Watch Series 8 equipped with a wider display with a frame around the perimeter. Available sizes 45 and 41 mm (against 44 mm 40 mm at Apple Watch SE 2).

▶ Display Series 8 supports the structure Always-on display.

▶ In line Series 8 dust-proof housing certified IP6X.

Apple Watch Series 8 can measure the saturation of the blood with oxygen, ECG and body temperature of the user.

▶ In the more expensive line of watches, it is possible to work with WiFi 5 GHz and fast charging.

Price for Watch Episode 8 starts in the USA from $399more affordable model Apple Watch SE 2 stands from $249.

More expensive line Apple Watch Series 8 for users with an active lifestyle, includes important parameters of their body. In addition to the already familiar pulse, ECG and blood content in the blood, you get a fairly accurate thermometer that can take measurements in 5 seconds.

Available Models Apple Watch SE 2 fit as a more standard accessory for universal fit-ability. This gadget will be a great buy for kids and affected users. It can be considered as a purchase for those who do not chase randomness and want to save a little.

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