If there is a very useful cloud storage app, this is it. To spread Google’s. This enhancement offers possibilities such as opening any type of document (taking advantage of the office suite owned by Mountain View company), as well as allowing files to be saved without taking up space on a computer or smartphone. Well, only improvement was known to have an effect. new widget for tablets.

As spotted, the North American firm has included a new option available only for tablets running the following. AndroidL operating system. Depending on the Material you are designing, it inherits many of the features found in an item that you can enjoy on phones, but some modifications are made to adapt it for use on a smartphone. bigger screen. And the truth is, the job is excellent in every way.

This is the new Drive widget for tablets

One of the first things that stands out about it is its shape. circular, something that has not been among the Drive options for tablets until now. This allows it to be placed in the corners of the screen without being too intrusive, leaving plenty of room on the desktop for other icons. In addition, the aesthetic aspect is excellent, because the colors are correct and the typology of the drawings of the icons that make them is also correct. completely recognizable.

New Google Drive widget for tablets


It’s six o’clock Options showing the new widget that provides access to used documents; pass without uploading a file to the cloud space; and the search option is not missing. In this way the total six, you can perform the most common operations in the Google service. By the way, in the middle area there is a different colored icon, which when pressed, opens the application for direct access to your Drive profile. The fact is that its usefulness is undeniable – because it is similar to the previous options, but with a different aspect.

Is it open to everyone?

The truth is yes. Simply update the version of Drive you are using on your tablet to: 2.22.357.1, you will see that the new widget is available and you can place it on the desktop as usual. We checked if this innovation appears on the phone version with the same number, and for now it does not. So it seems like Google is really committed to making the Android version for tablets unique and with its own options, and a clear example of what we’re saying is the storage service app.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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