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25 tech news to start your morning up to date


LG reached a milestone by testing 6G networkupon reaching the speed 1 Tbps100 times faster than the maximum speed of 5G.

This, if you’re interested: Xiaomi has released an external battery… for iPhone. It is compatible with MagSafe to “stick” to the mobile phone.

We live in the age of Big Brother: They manage to determine where influencers are taking photos by tracking security cameras..

Listen to “3×06 – cheap foldable Samsung and Reno 8 Pro” on Spreaker.

technology news

In-app purchases on the App Store are 30% higher than on Google Play, and privacy is to blame.. Read news

Someone manages to pinpoint the exact moments of influencer photos thanks to AI and security cameras.. Read news

LG marks a milestone in 6G connectivity, speeds up to 1 terabit/s are much closer. Read news

These are the 31 new Unicode emoji coming to Android, pending approval. Read news


Google will be working on a new high-end pixel with a different format. Read news

Hit the Island: This is the first Dynamic Island game for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.. Read news

Xiaomi wants to charge your iPhone with its new external battery. Read news

WhatsApp beta already lets you import backups between devices. Read news

Matter is coming to Android, the smart home standard for everyone. Read news

These are some of the rumors that are already circulating about the new OPPO Find X6 series. Read news

computers and tablets

SSDs are much more reliable than hard drives. Read news

Brio 500 webcam and Zone Vibe headset: These are Logitech peripherals for work. Read news

Brio 5000 webcam and Zone Vibe headset

Today marks 22 years since one of Microsoft’s biggest failures: Windows ME. Read news

Apple is integrating the 3nm process into its new M3 for Mac and A17 for iPhone 15 Pro.. Read news


Flickr updated to include new photo. Read news

Action Camera Release: GoPro introduces the new HERO11 Black, HERO11 Black Mini and HERO11 Black Creators Edition models. Read news

Action Camera Launch: GoPro Unveils New HERO11 Black, HERO11 Black Mini and HERO11 Black Creators Edition

Tips and tricks to buy cheap plane tickets for your travels. Read news

Best exercise if you’re furious. Read news

5 best low power radiators to save on your energy bill without getting cold. read the report

entertainment and games

Warner continues to restructure in one of its most complex mergers yet. Read news

Adobe thinks it has a solution to Netflix password problems. Read news


Find out the meaning of the new white and blue parking lines. Read news

science and culture

How to make a baby stop crying, according to science. Read news

So you can explore space from your sofa thanks to NASA. Read news

Curiosities of the day

Wicked Egg, a toy that excites pets because treats fly out of it when they are having fun. Read news


[CH] evil egg

It was technology roundup of the day. Have a good day!

Source: Computer Hoy

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