action cameras manufacturer GoPro introduced new models to the market and with them, took an important step towards offering quality options to the market. Therefore, the idea is to remain a benchmark in the current market, where it has been the king of sports accessories of this type for years.

One thing that stands out in the advertised assortment, GoPro 11 BlackThe thing is, they have a new sensor that can capture colors up to 10 bits, so they’re very realistic. Also, the element we are talking about is 1/1.9″, which allows you to record in resolution. 5K at 60 frames per second (down to 4K, up to 120FPS). For this reason, the viewing quality of everything on televisions is very high.

One thing that’s clear about the sensor size mentioned above is that you can use the aspect ratio of 8:7 shots, so it’s much easier to get a cinematic look when editing them (and even enjoying vertical options like 9:16 is now much more efficient) . A notable detail is its use. HyperViewThis makes it possible, if necessary, to have a greater sense of speed when moving action is recorded with cameras.

GoPro Hero 11 Black on the ground


Better stability on new GoPros

Technology is among the models announced to achieve this. HyperSmooth 5.0. This evolution provides a much more stable video regardless of the issues you encounter in the changeover. So everything is much better when recording while cycling or diving. It should be added to this section that it is now possible to use it on cameras. horizon lock This is very useful for keeping everything stable even when the camera is rotated up to 360 degrees. It is certain that this will be very useful for those who love extreme sports.

With a significant improvement in autonomy on all models announced by GoPro since a standard called enduro The three models, which include the long-awaited Mini option, which increases the battery’s lifetime by 30% (in all conditions), have different options for light adjustment. In this way, you can get more stunning recordings and photos, and enjoy the fun. light roads with car headlights.

New GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini Camera


Official prices of these cameras

Models GoPro Hero 11 Black and Hero 11 Black Creators Edition (this includes additional options such as a Volta holder and Media Mode with a microphone), already available from the company’s own website. their prices 549.99 and 779.99 Euros. model Mini Goes on sale October 25 449.99 €. The truth is that this company remains a benchmark in the market for its own merits and this does not seem to change with this new generation.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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