A Lebanese woman “stealed” $13,000 (about R$67,000 at current exchange rate) from her account at a bank branch in Beirut this Wednesday (14). Young woman using a toy gun, post the action on Facebook in real time and he said he wanted to pay for the medical treatment of his sister, who was battling cancer.

The story is one of a series of very similar cases as the country is suffering from a severe economic crisis. To stop the withdrawal of funds from financial institutions, the government has limited the population’s withdrawal amount to around US$200 (R$1,000) to US$400 (R$2,000) per month for citizens to buy their needs. bills.

The woman, identified in the video as Sali Hafez, is seen walking towards the cash register and arguing with the bank clerks, who quickly begin to count and distribute the scrolls. Hafez was accompanied by people who claimed to be members of the Depository Scream Association, a group advocating the release of Lebanese citizens’ money.

“My name is Sali Hafiz, I came today. […] Collect the money for my sister who is dying in the hospital,” shouts the woman on the recording. “I’m not here to kill anyone or open fire. […] I have come to claim my rights,” he added.

The footage went viral on social media, and Lebanese even gave interviews to local newspapers. talk to Al Jadid Newsrevealed that the toy gun belonged to his nephew and that he had decided to take action because the bank refused to withdraw more than $200 from him.

Although Hafez was not arrested by the Lebanese police, he wrote on Facebook that he fled to Turkey hours after the incident. “The whole government is under my house and I’m at the airport, see you all in Istanbul,” he wrote.

Source: Tec Mundo

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