One of the modern and forward-thinking approaches to construction that causes the erection of vision b w w ..:00 There is no technology that offers even greater rates of work at the lowest temperatures. It was developed by the inventor Alex Bell from the association.

Bell created the startup Automatic Construction, which is actively absorbing the body of the inflatable flexible deck (IFFF) z.zhi. Its essence is quite simple, like all ingenious. Used from durable PVC, an exact copy of the future object is made and delivered to the site. Then it is pumped up with pumps until it takes the desired shape. Next, the input structure is supplied with concrete, which gradually hardens.

inflatable formwork

As a result, in just a few hours, an almost finished frame is obtained. The film serving the selection for him is not removed. It works as a reliable moisture-proof coating. During the construction process, elements such as she iveri will be added, and the walls will be covered with plasterboard from the inside. Reinforcing reinforcing elements are being put in place, but the company has already begun to fulfill commercial orders.

Advanced technologies have development prospects. It can find application not only on Earth, but also on Mars, where the speed of construction will blow your mind.

inflatable formwork

Source: Tech Cult

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