Last week, Twitter users joked about OnlyFans becoming a mainstay. Income of Brazilian youth“end” sales pottery cake — another source of income that generates memes on social media. “After they invented OnlyFans, I’ve never seen anyone selling cakes,” said one user.

Another user highlighted the “economic fundamentals” of youth income. decoction OnlyFans and bolo de pot: short video social network Kwai also made the list. HE kwai It also stands out on Twitter for frequent posts requesting registrations that generate financial returns for link holders.

The topic was not limited to Twitter and even echoed on TikTok:


My fault

? original sound – DJ THIAGO MAXIMO OFC

Just About Fans

Despite knowing about the use of adult entertainmentOnlyFans is a service where creators of various types of content receive money from users who: sign by him. It is also possible to tip and use the watch and pay feature.

Living up to the memes about being a source of income, the platform has cost creators almost R$20 billion. A USA nurseWhoever was fired after colleagues discovered his profile on the service and reported it to HR earns around R$1 million per month.

Source: Tec Mundo

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