Teeth are the hardest formation in the presence of a person. Material scientists applications are constantly repeated to mimic the composition of tooth enamel for dentistry. While this is a top priority, Russia and the UK have developed an innovative casing that aims to outperform natural enamel. They managed to change the composition of the material so as to repeat the microstructure of the enamel. The discovery could be the beginning of a real breakthrough in dentistry and regenerative medicine.

The basis of synthetic enamel was hydroxyapatite. This substance is a component of bone tissue in humans and animals. Scientists have succeeded by supplementing it with a complex of amino acids that affect the restoration of bone and muscle structures. In the oral cavity, they were given to pour mineralized soybeans with properties similar to those of this e. Then an experiment was started, during which the new material was applied to healthy teeth. The scientists speculated how well it would bind to their tissue.

The thickness of the artificial layer does not exceed 300-500 nanometers. At the same time, the hardness of hydroxyapatite exceeds the hardness of natural enamel with increased strength. The use of such material can completely prevent the formation of caries. It can also be used to restore worn and damaged teeth.

DentistClinical trials of dental coating

Source: Tech Cult

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