Chinese BYD electric cars may appear on the Russian market in 2023. The Belarusian company SGP, which received permission to sell electric cars in the CIS, plans to import cars into Russia.

Chinese BYD electric cars may appear on Russian roads in 2023

Next year’s quota for Russia and the CIS is 150,000 electric cars, which will be imported from China, Vedomosti reported.

SGP has submitted documents to Rosstandart for a vehicle type approval certificate for three models: the Qin Plus sedan, the Dolphin hatchback and the Song Plus crossover. In 2023, the company intends to bid on two more models: the Han premium sedan and the Tang crossover.

However, the preliminary GSP price list for Chinese electric cars for the Russian market includes eight models. Prices for the budget Dolphin and Qin Plus range from 1.95 to 2.46 million rubles for the first and from 2.42 to 2.96 million rubles for the second model.

Iranian car brands Iran Khodro and Saipa with Tara and Shahin models may appear in Russia. In five years, they can take up to 10% of the car market.

In July, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on a temporary simplified procedure for importing cars from abroad. The clause equipping the vehicle with the ERA-GLONASS system was removed from the mandatory requirements.

The simplified registration procedure will be in effect until February 1, 2023. It is assumed that, at this point, manufacturers “will be able to reconfigure supply chains.”


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