As a result, only one smartphone of the brand, the Xiaomi Mi5c, was launched on the basis of this model. Maybe someone even liked the device, but in general it is important that it is the first and last based on the Xiaomi Surging S1.

Then, four years later, the Chinese brand introduced its first foldable smartphone, the Mix Fold. And suddenly, it also used a processor of its own design called the Surging C1.

This time the chip was only responsible for image processing (ISP). And apparently, this time the experiment was more successful. At least, this conclusion can be made based on the fact that the company is working on its second generation.

Xiaomi Senior Vice President Zeng Xuezhong spoke about it. Not only did he mention the new ISP chip, he also stated that it will be based on the Surging C1 and outperform it much better. Currently, this is all that is known about the upcoming innovation. But given that the talk about it immediately starts at a fairly high level, you can count on new details to be announced very soon.

Source: Ferra

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