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Friday, June 21, 2024
Home Tech 5 WhatsApp emojis you use every day that don’t mean what you...

5 WhatsApp emojis you use every day that don’t mean what you think


Today, many of our conversations are conducted through instant messaging applications such as whatsappa little Messages WhatsApp, in which we not only include text, but also emoji all kinds, some chat in which we try to capture our feelings in the best possible way.

And any WhatsApp chat uses countless emojis of all kinds with which we can express joy, sadness or anger, but maybe you are using the wrong emoji and don’t know it.

And this isn’t the first time you’ve used an emoji in a WhatsApp chat that another person misinterpreted, and a recent study shows that depending on your generation, you may not understand the meaning of some of them. you share these drawings in conversations.

For example, smiling facewhat appears to be a way to smile is interpreted by Generation Z and millennials as a sign of passive aggression, sarcasm, or even annoyance.


According to science, emojis help convey the meaning of a message.

On the upside down smiley it can easily represent sarcasm, irony, humor and silliness, as well as discomfort or frustration, depending on the interpretation.

emoji human information deskpeople use it most of the time to say “anything” or “show impertinence”.

smoking face The nose is also misunderstood and many think it shows anger or frustration, but others identify it as a sneeze.

Finally grimacing face it is a sign of nervousness, clumsiness, or embarrassment, but others also interpret it as anger.

Reason for whatsapp emojis mean

There’s a lot to be said for the role that emojis play in our day to day communication and how much fun they can add, whether it’s a text message to a family member or a message to a colleague.“, It is stated here MJ Loftsdirector of marketing at TextAnywhere.

But now that so many of our personal conversations have been replaced by messages, emojis matter a lot more when it comes to helping you communicate.

“They can often replace words, so it’s important that we fully understand their meaning and make sure our messages are delivered correctly,” he concludes.

So from now on, when you use any emoji on WhatsApp, you should be aware that, depending on the generation of the other person, they may interpret them differently.

Source: Computer Hoy

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