It is very likely that you will be tempted to leave the streaming music platform. appleMusic, because it doesn’t convince you at all. If your idea is to switch to Spotify, we show you the simplest and most reliable way to do it without losing any of the playlists you worked so hard to create.

Naturally, there is no way to achieve this, as companies are careful not to include the necessary tool so that switching from Apple Music to Spotify is not something completely simple or serene. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an easy to use way, effective and best of all, completely Free. And we’ll show you how to access and use it, it won’t take you five minutes to learn.

In this way, you will transfer Apple Music playlists to Spotify without losing anything.

To achieve that goal, the best thing is to use a website where you can export playlists from the Apple platform to Spotify. It’s called TunemyMusic and you can use it as many times as you want at no cost. One positive thing about this online tool, support for many services Amazon Music currently exists as; tide; youtube music; Deezer; sound cloud; and more. It’s really complete.

TunemyMusic interface to send playlists to Spotify

Smart Life

to get it transfer of lists The steps you need to do are the ones you can see below:

  • Access the above-mentioned website and click the Let’s Get Started button. Now you enter a new page where you need to select Apple Music as the source of the playlists you want to copy. You will need to log into the service for everything to go right.
  • After verifying your identity. You must give permission to the website to access your lists (click allow to do so) and then any lists you have will be displayed. Select the ones you want to copy to Spotify. When you have everything configured perfectly, click on Select target.
  • You should select Spotify and use OK. You will still need to grant permission to access your account and any lists you own. You will now see the information of what you have on the platform you will use from now on. Tap Start moving your music.
  • You will see a progress bar so you know when everything is done and below that the lists being copied.
  • When all is done, simply open Spotify and you can enjoy what you have moved. you’re done.

As you can see, everything is pretty simple, in less than five minutes you can have everything you like on Apple Music in your Spotify account, at least when it comes to playlists. definitely a the perfect tool You should know this website.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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