When it comes to hardware, the iPad has made a significant leap forward in recent years. Without going into too much detail, the introduction of the M1 chip enabled the Apple tablet to achieve the performance of a Mac. The problem, of course, is that this hardware evolution has not been fully exploited by the operating system. However, this situation may change with the advent of iPad OS 16which will be presented next week during WWDC 2022.

According to Mark Gurman, journalist bloomberg and one of the most trusted sources of information about future Apple products, those from Cupertino will introduce many new features that users have been waiting for years on their iPads. The goal, according to the above source, is that iPadOS 16 allows the tablet behave more like a computer and less like a smartphone.

First, iPadOS 16 will arrive with update in the interface of the multitasking system; this will make it easy to see which applications are open and navigate between them. As if the above wasn’t enough, the update will also give us the opportunity to finally resize windowjust as we do in the operating system of any computer.

Although it is currently possible to adjust the width of the window by sliding the edge of the window, the offer is still quite limited. Gurman assures that in iPadOS 16 the interface itself will offer more options for resizing windows. Last week, a developer found confirmation of this in WebKit, Safari’s engine.

In short, users will be able to manage multiple applications at the same time in an easier way. Most of the news will be possible thanks to the update of the interface mentioned above. “The new iPad interface will be one of the biggest updates announced at the conference”Gurmman explains.

Not everything is iPadOS 16

In addition to iPadOS 16, Apple is also preparing updates for the rest of its operating systems. O iOS 16Gurman himself said that the lock screen will offer “advanced wallpapers, widgets, etc. to be able to do more without having to completely unlock the terminal.”

Also, iOS 16 will receive a long-awaited feature “always on”, which allows you to view up-to-date information without having to turn on the iPhone screen. The feature is no stranger to the company, as it has been around for a long time on the Apple Watch – and, it must be said, on many competing smartphones.

Speaking of Apple smartwatches, Gurman believes that Apple will introduce Changes in the navigation system and cases. There will also be news in applications and in functions aimed at fitness. Finally, it says that the Apple Watch will offer a new low power mode so that we can continue to use the watch. wearable devices despite a dead battery, as happens in the iPhone.

We remind you that the opening report of WWDC 2022 will take place on Monday. June 6 at 19:00 in Spain and at 12:00 in Mexico.. Expect all the lighting on hypertext.

Source: Hiper Textual

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