The Latvian parliament in the second final reading approved amendments to the immigration law, which change the procedure for granting and extending temporary and permanent residence permits, as well as long-term work visas for citizens of the Russian Federation.

Latvia revised the procedure for granting residence permits and long-term work visas to Russians

The opportunity to issue a temporary residence permit is suspended if it was obtained on the basis of an investment or purchase of real estate in Latvia.

The validity of a permanent residence permit for Russians is fixed until September 1, 2023.

To obtain it again (which will no longer be automatic, as before), it will be necessary to pass a knowledge test of the state language and provide the corresponding certificate.

Russian citizens will also not be able to obtain a long-term work visa (including the option to work remotely for a company registered in any of the countries participating in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development).

But there are exceptions – they relate to a temporary residence permit:

“It will be possible to issue a temporary residence permit on the basis of family reunification, for the sake of international protection of state interests or for humanitarian reasons.”

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Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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