The underwater vehicle of the Journey to the Ridge 2022 expedition from the Okeanos Explorer dream captured a hitherto unknown shape on the seabed. However, there is a possibility that the mysterious “blue slime” does not apply to living beings. The only ones, in which the blacks are sewn to one

The discovery was made while exploring the underwater world of Santa Cruz, one of the Virgin Islands. A blue or blue riddle in the number of pieces was found at depths of 400-600 m.

There has already been put forward a conversion version of what it might be. The most popular are the sponge, soft coral and the invertebrate sea squirt. The problem is that there are 2,000 known species of soft corals today, more than 3,000 species of ascidians, and 8,500 descriptions of sponges, so identification has been found. So far, he has been suggested to say “blue slime” or “blue biomat”.

Source: Tech Cult

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