Every year, Cupertinians are added to the standard mailer with all the more useful and interesting features. In iOS 16 app Mail received several innovations.

Now it is customary to consider the advanced features of the built-in mail client, which are not known to all iPhone and iPad owners, to be relevant.

1. Send emails on a schedule

One of the new features of the mail client in iOS 16 is the delayed sending of scheduled mail. This is handy enough when you regularly send sample letters, don’t want to forget to congratulate someone on a card, or prepare an important letter in advance.

So after creating a message, you can not only leave it in drafts, but set up delayed sending at the desired day and time.

Where is the option located: create a letter in the usual way, delete the sender, subject and body of the message. Next, close access and select one of the options from the drop-down menu. If you need to choose a different time or, always indicate it in the calendar.

In order not to forget about scheduled emails in the future, there is a special section Send later. In it, you can cancel sending or change the letter.

2. combine quick action and gestures

The most common actions in the mail client can be done using the usual swipe.

Side gestures allow you to activate some options, forward, delete or archive letters. Actions can be carried out at their own discretion and make gestures not only in the list, but also when the letters are fully displayed.

Where is the option located: settings sections of settings – Mail – Swipe options and gesture settings for side swipes. After that, apply them in almost any application.

3. Cancel sending mail if you remember something important

Another feature of iOS 16 allows you to delete letters in a short period of time. This is useful for those who often remember something at the very last moment when the button Send already pressed.

As a result, the system can choose a suitable period for cancellation and not worry that they forgot to write something necessary.

Where is the option located: ease Settings – Mail – Cancel delayed mail and required interval. Now, after sending, at the very bottom of the screen, elements for canceling only the sent letter will be visible.

4. Have smart folders in the mail

Not everyone knows that the standard set of folders presented in the mail client can be supplemented with a set of folders with a filter.

It is possible to quickly find, for example, all messages with attachments, unread mail, all fresh or some other necessary data.

Where is the option located: very simple, click the button Change on the main screen of the application Mail and filter folders are added from time to time.

5. Set to mail for a reply

You will surely not forget this chip or carefully read an important letter. With its help, you can set it up in a couple of taps.

To do this, do not run other applications or services, everything is bundled right into ports.

Where is the option located: move the right letter for which you want to set a memory and click on the purple icon. You will be prompted to select a suitable reminder time or enter the desired time in the calendar.

In the future, it will be possible to cancel all set reminders in a separate section on the main page of the application. Mail.

6. Unsubscribe quickly

The standard iOS mailbox allows you to unsubscribe from unwanted mailings in one application and continue the endless stream of unnecessary spam. To do this, it is easy to look for small text at the end of letters and remember the credentials for authorization on external sites.

The system itself is particularly alarming and offers to unsubscribe from it.

Where is the option located: a simple letter from the government, which you need to unsubscribe and find a suitable banner at the top of the display.

7. Undo emails by shaking your smartphone

The long-familiar gesture for all iPhone owners to shake to receive or retrieve text also works in the iOS mail client.

During the typing action, it, as elsewhere, meets the entered data, but when it is skipped to the list of reviews, it helps to cancel or revoke the recalled action.

Where is the option located: first added a chip to the menu Settings – Accessibility – Touch – Shake to excludeand then shake the iPhone if you accidentally deleted the desired letter.

8. Save mail as PDF

Sometimes you need to quickly save a letter for further printing or viewing. It is most convenient to convert mail to PDF.

Do not copy or create anything, you just need to restore the built, albeit not the most obvious, feature of the application.

Where is the option located: the desired letter and in the menu Share select item Type. Then press again Share – Save to Files.

9. Turn off conditions for some users.

Inboxes from pushy senders can be overly intrusive and often attract attention.

If you don’t want to turn off app restrictions and block the sender, you can completely open access for one or more addresses.

Where is the option located: find an email from that sender in the list and swipe left sideways. Click on the indicator with sensitive points and select the item Do not notify.

10. Quickly highlight multiple emails

Long ago selected in the system of mobile targets

The option works not only in the application Mailbut also in some other standard programs on the iPhone.

Where is the option located: scroll up or down for quick highlighting,

Most of these features are not available in external clients from the App Store, and optimization and deep integration into the system make it very convenient and practically uncontested.

Source: Iphones RU

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