The Ministry of Digital has published a complete list of 195 IT specialties associated with the postponement of partial mobilization in Russia.

It is compiled on the basis of proposals from industry associations and backbone companies. Among the needs are, including mathematics, computer science, statistics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, construction, mining, journalism, nanoengineering, aircraft engineering, optotechnics, management, advertising, mechanical engineering, cryptography, information security, finance and credit, design , graphics and many others.

The department noted that specialization and employment in an accredited IT company is necessary “in itself does not give the right to exemption from conscription, it is also necessary to fulfill official duties.”

How to apply for a deferral

Today, the State Services operates a special service for collecting data on the availability of accredited IT companies and communication operations.

The employee must apply on their own. Mandatory requirements are requirements for confirmation of compliance with the requirements from the employer. The template for filling out the document is in the Telegram channel and on the website of the Ministry of Digital Development.

It is necessary to write all the data in the form without adding or deleting lines and without changing the extension. Then CEO the company must put an enhanced qualified electronic signature (ECES). The department’s website has a five-page structure for the storage and transmission of documents. If errors are found in them, the application may be submitted again.

Source: Iphones RU

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