It seems that all the interesting features of the iPhone have been talked about for a long time, but this is not so. Yes, and new chips that deserve attention in iOS with clouds Western regularity.

While everyone continues to discuss iOS 16, I suggest not to focus only on it. To do this, I collected in one material the most interesting features not one, but several latest updates.

Some assumptions about the chips of the system that arose not so long ago, many do not even know. I present myself.

1. There may be a couple of shortcuts on the desktop

The same icons can be used for different desktops.

✓ What to do: just drag and drop any shortcut number from the Application Library onto your desktop.

Previously, nothing could be thought of, but now it is implemented in iOS. And labels are not limited.

2. In the “Weather” there are concessions about emergency conditions

The application will notify you about emergency changes in conditions

✓ What to do: coverage “Weather”, coverage in the parameters and the expansion of the “Notifications” menu, necessary to access the location.

The application reports the approaching rain or other sudden changes in the situation in the area where the user is located. It’s comfortable.

3. Safari tab bar can be moved up/down

You can use the classic application protocol or redesigned modern

✓ What to do: settings “Preferences”, options in the Safari section, select the desired display option with the address bar in the “Tabs” section.

Each option will find its users.

4. You can quickly find out the password from the Wi-Fi network

A new feature in iOS 16 that is catastrophically unavailable

✓ What to do: “Settings” settings, important in the Wi-Fi section, expand the network enable menu and access the password through the item of the same name.

Previously, it was possible to share data for connecting to Wi-Fi, but this chip is not always processed.

Now, as a result of poisoning by wireless networks, it has become much easier.

5. It turns out to automatically separate the object in the photo from the lantern

Neural networks in action

✓ What to do: stock up on the required amount of light in “Photo” or a portable device, secure it with a cloth on the desired object, copy without a flashlight.

A new interesting feature, the work of which is related to AI. There are not so many practical benefits from it, but the wow effect is noticeable.

6. “Voice recorder” can skip the silence in your recordings

It automatically analyzes the entire blood record

✓ What to do: Free editing of the breath recording in the “Voice Recorder”, expand the menu options and switch to the active position of the “Skip Silence” switch.

A great feature that will help to leave only the voice in the recording.

7. You can add a desktop shortcut from Spotlight

It’s enough just to transport him from here

✓ What to do: simply find the application, fix its value and drag it to any of the desktops.

Possible, the fastest way to transfer to the desktop is a new shortcut.

8. Text can be scanned in any input field

The system automatically recognizes text through the viewfinder

✓ What to do: quite often on the input field after use, and choose the appropriate option.

The device will automatically recognize the text that enters the camera’s viewfinder and translate it into printable form.

9. “Photo” can display the metadata of your feelings

Can see device, camera resolution

✓ What to do: lung clusters in Photos and swipe up on immunity.

This feature has not been in iOS for a very long time, and not everyone knows that it has appeared here.

10. Pictures and other objects can be dragged to iOS

A set of stones can be collected in “Photo” and dragged into the application another

✓ What to do: select one or more photos or other objects, pin them, important in the must-have application and move the content to the specified location.

On the iPad, this feature seems even more in demand, but on the iPhone it is sometimes convenient.

11. Spotlight can be activated on the lock screen

The fastest way to launch a search bar

✓ What to do: just swipe down on the screen.

Not everyone knows that it is not necessary to unlock the device to run Spotlight.

12. You can change the text size in one application

Change the size of available apps

✓ What to do: first added to the “Control Point” switch “Text Size”, the appearance is immanently manifested in the application and has a characteristic feature.

This work only works with applications that have a standard system font size.

13. Incoming calls can be displayed in full screen

Not everyone likes banner images

✓ What to do: settings “Settings”, changes in the “Phone” section, expand the “Incoming calls” menu and select the desired option to your taste.

Some still have a lot of voice calls every day, and the format will definitely be more reasonable for determining them.

14. Any caption can be added to each photo

This might be a note to myself for the future.

✓ What to do: swipe up on the photo and write down all the questions in the “Add caption” field.

For example, it may happen that this will happen if the photo is taken.

15. Mobile Internet can be used together with Wi-Fi

This will speed up access to data in networks

✓ What to do: settings “Settings”, select in the “Cellular” section, turn the “Wi-Fi Assistance” switch to the active position.

Fast mobile Internet will help expand your home Wi-Fi.

16. You can select Wi-Fi networks through the “Control Center”

The fastest way to switch between available networks

✓ What to do: control center building, expand the connection control panel and hold the sensor on the Wi-Fi icon.

Handy when you need to switch between 2GHz and 5GHz.

17. Back panel tapping actions are configurable

Choice required

✓ What to do: “Settings”, the value in the “Accessibility” section, expand the menu “Touch” → “Back panel touch”, a specific touch option and the need for a conscious action at will.

A unique feature that assembles even through a thick protective case.

18. You can hide desktops and show them again

Desktops can be effective for some scenarios

✓ What to do: it is necessary in the treatment mode by a long touch on the screen, expand the section for working with these manifestations on the points, put the toggle switch in the inactive table position.

It will turn out to create several desktops for different tasks in order to enable and disable them at will.

19. Recording quality in Voice Recorder can be greatly improved

Enough appearances

✓ What to do: settings “Settings”, select in the “Voice Recorder” section, expand the “Sound Quality” menu, select Lossless.

In the recording standard, I save with compression, which eats up the quality. However, switching to an alternative option is not a problem at all.

20. Stolen iOS passwords can be detected automatically

Passwords are checked against the merged in the common available database

✓ What to do: “Settings” settings, changes in the “Passwords” section, expand the “Security Recommendations” menu, switch the “Detection of stolen passwords” switch to the active position.

It is better to replace all passwords found in the databases.

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