Litelok is registered in Britain, but has been detained far beyond its borders. This was her unusual and very reliable locks for bicycles. The brand used to produce devices with a flexible cable, but now it has loudly announced the release of new devices with a rigid core, which are incredibly resistant to mechanical stress. They are not afraid of even a powerful angle grinder with a cutting disc (in other words, a grinder).

The shackles of Litelok X locks are made of high-strength fine-grained steel, which received a special design. The line includes two models – X1 and X3. They are valued not only by the price, but also expected. So, a more affordable rating model at $179.99. Stated that there is currently a lockout mechanism lock limit of 5 times the maximum commercial stop available on the market. Its weight is 1.7 kg, and its dimensions are 101 by 196 mm.

Litelok Castle

The X3 variant is even more reliable, but comes with a more mandatory $299.99 price tag. He, according to tradition, other industrial 15 times! The device received linear dimensions of 99 by 194 mm and weighs a solid 1.9 kg. Its advantage is the availability of the Abloy Sentry cylinder, an extremely extreme burglary protection. Naturally, both locks are not afraid of such expectations as a hammer, wire cutters, chisel and bolt cutters. Patented Barronium ceramic material, recent naneselin

Both versions consume a plant-based rubber compound. It restores scratched paint and rattling. Diamond certificate of quality from experts Secure security kits can be p p p.

Source: Tech Cult

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