Google announced this Tuesday (4th): Google will launch a new version of its Home app that will provide more agility to connect all types of smart devices. The software will be available in the testing phase in the coming weeks and users will be able to provide feedback on the features.

According to the Mountain View giant, the new app will already be linked to Matter. certificate standardizing the communication of smart home devices of various brands. With the innovation, not only the devices in the Nest line, but all other 80,000 devices working with Google Home will be connected more easily.

With the Matter pattern, the app will have the following functionality: Quick Matchallows a smart bulb to operate in a plug and play scheme. That is, the Android mobile phone will automatically detect the new connection and Matter will help the user to configure the device easily.

“We work directly with leading device manufacturers to ensure we are supported on as many Matter-compatible devices as possible. We are also upgrading our existing Google Nest smart speakers, smart displays and routers to control Matter devices,” says Anish Kattukaran, Google Product Manager.

Another feature that the new Google Home application will bring will be personalization. There will be a Favorites tab where users can choose which actions and automations are most important. With this, it will be possible to choose to leave the favorite options on the main screen, for example, for Nest cameras.

In this sense, there will also be Spaces where accesses are categorized according to categories such as “Lights”, “Thermostats” or “Network Devices”.

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Google said most of the new features should launch early next year. Another problem is that Google Home also comes for devices and browsers using WearOS.

With it, it will be possible to control the home’s smart equipment via tablet, TV, clock, computer and more.

Source: Tec Mundo

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