This voice memos They have become a widely used option in the messaging app. What’s up. But this doesn’t mean it’s to everyone’s taste. If you’re not too convinced, the company is about to launch a new tool that’s perfect for you. We tell you what it is about.

Some time ago it was found that one of the valued options for the app was to include an option to allow. convert voice memos to text, fits the background of WhatsApp much better. The truth is, there were some screens where you could see exactly this, but now it has gone a step further and included it in the latest test version for the iOS operating system. Therefore, with the development of the vehicle in question was quite serious.

How will the transcription coming to WhatsApp be?

The fact is that from the source of the information it is very clearly stated that everything will be really simple, because with the arrival message of the voice memo, a button will be included using it the transcription job will be done. Everything will be that simple. Of course, there should be no doubt about what happened, a new tab will open where you can see the result achieved. It looks pretty well thought out.

WhatsApp transcription tool


On the other hand, it has also been verified that a message is sent when a quality transcription is not possible (such as when there is too much background noise or when the person speaks clearly). this will be displayed. And in addition, there are reasons for this. Therefore, WhatsApp has thought of everything. Obviously, the resulting text can be used regularly, so it will be possible to copy it, for example.

The good news about privacy

This is something that may be initially alarming because it is believed that WhatsApp’s initial purpose was to send audio to Apple’s servers for copying. But in the end, this indicates that it will not be so, and Nor will it be a copy of the company Meta owns.. So the thing to do is to download the language packs with the tool to make it work locally. It remains to be seen whether this increases those who disproportionately engage the app.

For now, as we mentioned before, this option is only available in the trial version of WhatsApp. But it is expected to be proven quickly so that its arrival is as fast as possible for all users. The reason for this is nothing more than to take advantage of the lack of competitors such as Telegram for this function at the moment.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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