(30) On Friday, it was announced that actor Bruce Willis will be selling the rights to his image for use in deepfakes, after announcing the end of his career in March this year. However, the information first published by the British newspaper, daily mail, rejected by a spokesperson for the actor BBC on Sunday (2).

According to the London broadcaster, an agent for the actor said: “Please be aware that Bruce has no partnership or agreement with this company, Deepcake.” this BBC He later asked if Willis was working with the company in Georgia (the border country between Europe and Asia), but has not received a response so far.

What does deepcake say?

wanted by BBC, Deepcake limited it to stating that it already has the right to use Willis’ image on its website, as well as in its marketing materials. “What he definitely did was give us his approval (and lots of material) to make his Digital Twin,” the company said.

An advertiser also spoke for Deepcake Hollywood Reporterconfirms that the digital likeness rights belong to the player and cannot be sold. But he made sure that the company’s relationship with Bruce Willis was through its representatives at the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for use in a Russian mobile phone commercial in 2021.

Representatives of the American actor, who was born on a German military base, vehemently deny any involvement with the deepfake company, despite detailed explanations.

Source: Tec Mundo

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