There are quite a number of accessories currently available to convert a home to digital. But unfortunately combining them is sometimes impossible because they use different standards to work with. And that was definitely disappointing for more than one person. Additionally, To be important It came to fix it, and it’s now an official protocol.

Controlled and developed by the Connection Standards Alliance, this one seemed to have no power at first, but over time things changed… a lot. This is because it adds vital supports such as the following to the market in which it operates. Google, Apple or Amazon itself. That’s why the elders in the segment and the vast majority of the remaining respondents aim to use Matter. And it heralds an excellent future for the protocol (similar to what happens with Bluetooth in its day).

What is the purpose of Matter?

Basically, make things much easier for users. And the way to achieve this is very simple (and complex at the same time): a system has been worked on. Works with Wi-Fi It enables Matter-compatible accessories to communicate with each other and thus work together. So an Alexa-enabled speaker will be able to access and use a light bulb with unique support, for example, from Google or Apple’s HomeKit. Sounds good, right?

The protocol even has advanced options so the process is complete and usage options aren’t lost along the way. An example is that you can use a network. network complete for the detection and location and even management of accessories audio will be supported. That’s why we’re talking about advanced studies that have the virtue of having excellent energy management.

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Connection Standards Alliance

Fortunately, Version 1.0 of Matter is already a reality. This means that partner companies or those who want to use it will have access to everything they need to integrate the use of Matter into their devices. In other words, the first step has already been taken and with great support. Of course, first deliveries of something don’t always work out perfectly, so you don’t need to be particularly demanding. It’s working is more than just right and so the ideal is for companies to start using the protocol that would be a business that would unite them all, like in Lord of the Rings.

Will it be complicated to implement?

Not at all, since specific hardware does not have to be included, software update On devices and integration with operating systems (like iOS, Android or Windows itself), you can have full support. As such, the facilities are numerous and result in some inconsistencies for users that don’t make sense when it comes to achieving a connected home.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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