Yesterday we learned that Elon Musk managed to take over Twitter by paying $ 44,000 million. What seemed like a joke turned out to be true. Y Things did not go well with Tesla investors.

In fact Shares of the electric motor giant fell After Elon Musk announced that he bought Twitter. To give an idea, Tesla’s market cap has dropped 12.1%, making it clear that investors disagree with the Tesla founder’s stance. A number that translates $126,000 million in lossso we are not dealing with a completely trivial problem.

Tesla shares are experiencing one of their biggest drops because of Elon Musk

But how could the Twitter acquisition affect Tesla’s stock? There are several reasons why investor distrust causes stock sales.causing the stock market value to drop.

And this, In the payment plan published by Elon Musk, there is $ 21,000 million that can be obtained through the sale of Tesla shares.. The founder of the company was also able to use these stocks as bank guarantee to borrow money, but no dossiers satisfy the investors.

As early as April 4, Elon Musk became Twitter’s largest shareholder by buying a stake to control 9.2% of the company, alarming and causing the stock market’s first plunge. Now with this new move Tesla shares have lost 23.5% of their value since the initial announcement.

For this reason and before Fear of Elon Musk deciding to sell his stake in Teslacausing an even bigger drop, many investors opted to avoid and sell them before the company’s CEO did.

There is a second issue that greatly worries investors: time management. They know Elon Musk has been very methodical in his work and currently runs Tesla, Space X, The Boring Company, SolarCity, among other companies Twitter will be joining.

Add to this the supply issues that are causing constant delays in the launch of its two big bets: the Tesla Cybertruck and the Semi-electric truck. We will see how the days progress and if the values ​​in the stock market stabilize. if not, Elon Musk definitely gets an ace up his sleeve, as this misunderstood genius has gotten used to us.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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