It has long been known that What’s up? Tries to offer premium version. Well, the company has gone a step further as it has started enabling this functionality for some users using the trial version of the app. And that justified some of the options it would include.

One of the first things to know is that the service is only available – at least for now – for WhatsApp Business, unlike what happens with other messaging apps (like Telegram). Therefore, we are talking about a targeting option. develop Opportunities offered by the company for businesses. And this is something that was suspected and now confirmed from the source of information.

Known to have this version of the app

As it is known, one of the existing additions is instead of four. devices partners To a Business account, with Premium front, which increases its usefulness for companies. It will also be possible to learn more about each of the devices used. An example would be the possibility of reviewing the activity of each and even creating a personalized chat in any case.

All this is very useful when it comes to being able to do business. follow Use of premium accounts. And this is fundamental to the normal functioning of companies, especially now mobility established as a joint option.

Link created with WhatsApp Premium


On the other hand, in the information seen in the WhatsApp Premium account belonging to the company, personalized and unique connection (You can see the format in the picture before this paragraph). In this way, it can be seen very clearly who it belongs to. And in addition, there is a simple website with basic information about the company. A good help, yes, will disappear as soon as the fee is not paid.

Is the price that WhatsApp Premium will know?

Well, not at the moment, because we are talking about a distribution in the trial version of Business. Then, It is unknown how much will be paid. monthly (or yearly). What is certain, however, is the cost, so you already know that if you want to use the options we mentioned earlier for WhatsApp and others to come, you have to pay.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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