Rede Record suffered a cyberattack this Saturday morning (08), which disabled the company’s operating system. There would also be advertisements for attackers using the ransomware method.Employee personal data (CV, DL, SSN), network map with credentials for local and remote services, and more.

Information about the attack was first reported by Cadu Safner, a correspondent for the Metropoles website. “Employees can’t even broadcast live. They are being laid off today. The situation is hopeless,” the journalist said on Twitter.

According to Cyber ​​Security editor Felipe Payão TecMundo, The chosen attack method was BlackCat, a ransomware-as-a-service, a method in which criminals purchase malware from other operators to attack systems.

Payão points out that cybercriminals also have private financial information, customer data, accounts, reports and bank statements from the publisher. Datagrams and projects, which are messages containing data sent from one location to another, could also be stolen.

The cyber attack caused the broadcaster to change the program. The journalistic program “Fala Brasil” was canceled around 9 am and the attraction was shown until 12 at night.

After the change in schedule, the network aired the series Everyone Hates Chris, which normally airs on Sunday mornings. By the afternoon, network television schedules had returned to normal.

Rede Record has yet to officially comment on the case as it has not officially confirmed whether it was hacked.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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