Tinkoff specialists who worked for the bank under civil law contracts (GPCs) are trying to be recognized as full-time employees, a reaction that followed after the pay cut in the spring.

The bank also notes that this was due to the crisis, and revenues will recover in the fall.

More than 20 Tinkoff employees filed a class action lawsuit against the bank

A class action lawsuit against Tinkoff Bank was filed by 22 of its employees, writes RBC. Through the court, they hope to obtain recognition of the GPC labor contracts entered into. The reason for the lawsuit is the systematic non-payment of part of the salaries of employees since the spring of 2022. The plaintiffs are bank representatives who deliver cards and documents to customers, draw up banking products.

The official representative of Tinkoff told the publication that “from March to May 2022, the workload and complexity of the representative meetings decreased, this is due to objective reasons and crisis phenomena in the economy, as a result of what which the financial institutions reduced the volume of loans to the population”.

The initiative group’s statement states that from March to August 2022, at least 3.5 thousand bank representatives working at Tinkoff under a GPC agreement began to receive 40% lower average pay, while the amount of work has not changed.

According to the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Yevgeny Karyakin, recognizing the relationship as labor will give the employees a guarantee of the minimum wage and deprive the bank of the opportunity to fine the employees at the end of the month.


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Source: RB

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