Unexpectedly for everyone, AliExpress launched another sale. There are few good discounts on the natural dollar, but we still found something for our readers.

choice – here everyone will find something of their own. Just didn’t meet about us Telegram channel: this is where you can find the hottest discounts.

1. Blanket sweatshirt Cozy life


The famous sweatshirt (or rather a bathrobe) of an acceptable size allows you to hide from dampness and autumn rain.

Cozy, warm – the perfect companion for evening TV viewing. Everyone should have.

Price: 2556 1252 rub.

2. Shoulder kangaroo for baby Piggy


Initially, of course, he firmly fixed the child on the face of the parent.

Of course, a number of unpleasant phenomena such a method of transferring are unrecoverable, but a random scenario with a fall is guaranteed to be impossible – there is everything even for an active fall of a fix, the fix is ​​reliable.

Price: 2620 2044 rub.

3. Garland Curtain LVCA


It’s time to prepare for the New Year: garlands for decorating walls and curtains, and even with remote control, will no longer be cheaper.

Budget, cheap, but works 100%. Increasing the reach of reviews.

Price: 454 272 rub.

4. Wall Mount Sportin


For bike builders, the wall mounts belong to one of the best two wheel computer storage.

Installation standing in just a couple of minutes, and the place will be saved – a lot. It also folds up nicely when not in use.

Price: 794 555 rub.

5. External battery Remax


The 10000 mAh battery allows you to quickly recharge any smartphone or smaller device through one of the paired USB-C and USB-A ports.

maximum power is reduced to 22.5 watts. Not much. But as a stylish accessory beyond any competition.

Price: 2726 1363 rub.

6. Fluorescent shoelaces YuanXiang


Have light shoes been replaced by boring boots? It doesn’t matter, bright luminous laces will decorate even harsh shoes.

There are 5 colors and 4 choices available to choose from, so you can match even tall women’s templates.

Price: 63 50 rub.

7. Urban backpack Bange


One of the best medium-sized Chinese backpacks: it keeps its shape perfectly, has a combination lock and an external USB port for charging, is not afraid of water and resists abrasion very well.

The kit includes a laptop up to 15.6 inches and a daily allowance of accessories. The brand is verified, the reviews are excellent.

Price: 2440 2318 rub.

8. Unique Gooseneck iPhone Case


A fun camera case with a bold print. There are options for all current iPhone models and additional original colors.

Price: 350 277 rub.

9. Petanpy LED Night Light Clock


A small RGB wall light with clock detection can be applied as a decorative, zone lighting or a regular night light.

Available in round and square versions, as well as several sizes (in the increase in lots).

Price: 4383 2147 rub.

10. Wanxingfa heated vest


The most useful element of clothing in the off-season: a light down vest can warm up to 25, 35 or 45 degrees.

Powered by any external battery with a capacity of at least 5V / 2A.

Price: 2754 1377 rub.

11. Car multitool JF


A combination of a starting generator with a capacity of 24,000 mAh (current up to 3 kA) and a pump should be in every car.

This will definitely fit even an SUV in the Siberian winter. However, the smartphone is also charged from it, and there is also a flashlight.

Price: 15076 6030 rub.

12. CPLIFE non-spill metal mug


Just a mug with a lid, which is convenient to drink hot coffee in cold weather. Works like a miniature thermos, keeps the temperature inside up to 3 hours.

And it looks more original than a simple paper cup.

Price: 1265 948 rub.

13. Ceiling lamp shop


Another RGB light, this time for the ceiling. Brightness per room up to 18 square meters.

Control is carried out from the remote control, or using the “native” application for Android and iOS. There is also support for voice assistants.

Price: 3384 2214 rub.

14. Badodo biometric lock


The simplest “smart” lock for the Tuya ecosystem (which means compatibility with Alice and other control issues) for interior doors.

Opens with standard keys, code panel or fingerprint (stores up to 50 fingerprints). When installed on the front door, duplication is required.

Price: 2232 1897 rub.

15. Wireless headphones 1more


One of the most successful Chinese headphones. They have advanced ANC (the best in its price), good sound due to 13-inch speakers and pleasant ergonomics.

Connect individually, meet up to 2 sound sources. Work up to 24 hours on a single charge (including the case). There is wireless charging.

Price: 6946 2848 rub.

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