Playing sports is something that requires a lot of attention, discipline and above all focus. Therefore, many people prefer to use accessories. helps control the pace of physical activityas well as facilitating their performance, as with smartwatches and headphones.

Given the large number of options available on the market today, choosing a suitable headset for the desired type of activity is not always an easy task.

Therefore, it is extremely important to filter what you are looking for. If your goal is to procure a good headset, it is necessary to analyze some important points at the time of purchase, such as durable models. water and sweatHE noise canceling, battery life, and accessories in general.

To assist you in this search, we have reserved a choice of 5 earphones for you to do physical exercises.

Description / Philips

it’s a phone wireless in-ear Philips Actionfit RunFree, which gives you a feeling of energy and freedom in your workouts. Headphones have a secure fit, design waterproof and sweatproof. It also offers open acoustics that allow sound to enter to provide recognition and safety during training.

The model includes non-slip rubber ear protectors to keep the earphones attached to the ear during training. It also has volume control and the possibility to answer calls.

JBL Description / JBL

telephone JBL Tune 125BT It has an in-ear format and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, offering an integrated 16-hour battery that can be charged in just 2 hours. Its bass is deep and powerful, and its sound is precise.

It is a good choice of bluetooth headphones for education as it is compatible. voice assistant It makes it easier to perform other actions from your phone, for example during exercise.

Plus, the magnetic tips hold the earbuds together, preventing them from tangling during use, providing a tangle-free workout.

this Description / JBL

This model of JBL headphones is completely adapted for athletes. Guaranteeing 8 hours of wireless playback, the device delivers quality sound without tangled cables hindering your workout and can be charged in just 10 minutes to guarantee an hour of use.

Its unique shape allows you to attach it to your shirt or bag as well as Provides firmness and stability in the ear During workouts as they are designed to strengthen your training.

this Description / Alok Move

By providing a fast and accurate connection, the WAAW bluetooth headset is the perfect option for those with an active lifestyle and those who want to move more freely but do not want to give up on accessories.

The device is made of rubber and flexible material. multipoint technology It is possible to answer a call from your smartphone while listening to music on the notebook, which allows two devices to be connected at the same time.

One of its biggest advantages is its long usage time. Up to 14 hours of playbackIn addition to having IPX4 protection, water and sweat resistantIdeal for performing more intense exercises.

Did you like the tips? Now just choose the option that makes the most sense for you and focus even more on your workouts!

Source: Tec Mundo

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