When a baby manages to look at the mirror and recognize each other? Exactly between 18 and 24 months. To understand this, a to test called from the red spot. A test that can also be done at home with a lipstick. Here you need to draw a colored dot on the forehead of the baby and then put it in front of the mirror. If the child tries to touch his forehead to get the colored ball, it means he recognizes himself.

Due to past rumors and beliefs coupled with superstitions, it is believed that letting a child look in the mirror is bad for you. Or that it even makes him stupid. In short, that reflection of someone in a mirror possesses a piece of his soul. Looking in the mirror is really important for babies.

At the age of five to six months, babies look in the mirror while having fun, even if they are not aware of their image. When they are small (12 months) you can use mirrors and mirrors to stimulate them. After two years, the time has come to equip the house with one Montessori mirror, within the reach of a child. The bath it is the ideal place to create a tailor-made corner for the child. It involves placing a low hook for the towel, a small platform for the sink and a mirror for reflection. Also, doing something in front of the mirror can prompt the child to imitate it and then he will do it himself.

Source: Lega Nerd

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