In the USA, the modernization of the Esnet data transmission network has been completed (a network that unites several educational institutions involved in the field of energy sciences – ed. Tekhkult). In the new version of ESnet6, it may vary by more than 46 TB/s. This is still less than the 1000 Tbps record of Japanese engineers, but the difference is that there was an experiment, and here such speeds will be exploited on the basis of permanent memory.

Esnet was established in 1986, the code of the ministerial energy department decided to prevent the laboratory from all over the country from being unified. For this purpose, 24,000 km of backbone channels were obtained, which are currently being implemented by fiber optic channels with a capacity of up to 1 Tbit / s each. A huge amount of information passes through them – in 2021, not less than 1.1 eabytes of data were propagated through them?

Although esnet6 is connected to the Internet of no-channel sites, in general it is an isolated network, intended to be transmitted through the transmitted models with sensors, genomes, climate, quantitative measurements and other datasets that contain a huge amount of information. All this not only helps the growth of research, but also stimulates the development of modern technology. connection.

Source: Tech Cult

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