WhatsApp users in India are complaining about the amount of advertising messages they receive from companies through the app. They blame the companies. turn the app into a spam tool and let them know you have to block multiple business accounts per day.

Most of the complaints are popping up on social media, as in the tweets below. In some cases, the person needs to contact the same company more than once, which then bounces back after being blocked using another number to send more spam.

this India represents the world’s largest market for Whatsapp and finally, to Destination. There are more than 500 million accounts on the app in the country, and the monetization policies tested there may eventually translate to the rest of the world.

Since Brazil is among the main WhatsApp markets, the development of the topic becomes important. After all, if restrictions are made for business users, the decision could also affect the Brazilian market.

target response

To defend against accusations from users of the app, Meta representatives said: “Our rule is that people should always want to receive updates before a company can message them”. The tech giant also adds: “We are constantly working with companies to ensure messages are useful and expected, and we have limits on the number of messages they can send per day.”

Meta’s description directly contradicts what has been reported by WhatsApp users in India.

Source: Tec Mundo

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