A beeline operator has developed a call screening system for an action to spread warnings about number spoofing scams. It also helps against unusual attraction: traffic drops, spam traffic and ddos ​​attacks.

The platform has anti-fraud modules (AFP) and a banking anti-fraud module. It has a set of solutions with an operating system, thanks to which it was possible to connect Beeline users from 28.6 million special conversations. The main supplier of APF in Russia is the Slovenian company Hexagon Group.

AFP beeline can process about 5 thousand incoming per second and 150 million per day. The number of blocked calls per day is about 4.8 million, for processing one call no more than 50 ms.

The Beeline system requests verification of calls coming from the networks of other mobile operators in the Russian Federation, blocks calls according to the lists, as well as their routing, and also maintains blacklists of scam numbers. A special algorithm blocks calls by the number of calls with the same number, when a subscriber is in roaming, subscriber activity monitoring in 2/3G and LTE networks, which is associated with subscriber connection and bandwidth level detection.

Source: Iphones RU

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