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Now you can download the latest version of Android Auto on your mobile phone.


If you use Android Auto, be aware that a new version is now available for all users, namely 8.3. The update comes out a few days after it hit the beta tester.

Unfortunately, Google maintains its old habit of not providing users with any release notes., so it is difficult to know exactly the changes. However, there are some things you should know about the update that is already in Game Store (although you can download APK files).

The first is related to the hotfix that is included with this update. So it was previously included in the beta build, and now it seems to be available in the production channel as well, i.e. in normal app development.

And it’s been about a month now users complained that the temperature and weather icons suddenly disappeared, and Android Auto 8.3 seems to be bringing them back. If you find this change too annoying, go to the Play Store and force update now.


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When will the Coolwalk design appear in the app?

The second is related to Coolwalk. Given that many are eagerly waiting for news on this topic, I want to note that 8.3 does not provide anything in this regard. This is not really surprising since this is a feature that can be made available on the server side.

Still Google is rolling out Android Auto in stages through the Google Play Store. So Google can catch bugs in the early stages and, if necessary, suspend the release.

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That is, not everyone from now on has access to Android Auto 8.3. However, it’s a matter of waiting a few more days to see Programs. Do not despair.

For those who are very worried the alternative is to simply download Android Auto 8.3 manually.. That is, you must go to this page to get APK version 8.3 and then install it on your device.

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