Biotechnology company Biontech’s kit fundamentals predict first ppb vaccinal variants The predicted optimism is based on progress in generating new mRNAs as part of the COVID-19 deal. Chechens and doctors are talking to strain the name stem of the human body and narv

Professors ozem trechi and ur shaheen in an interview with cirrrrrs They realized that modern medicine has little to offer to participate in cancer cells, widespread methods of counteracting them affect the entire body. At the same time, the immune stem itself can selectively attack individual cells – all you have to do is tell it to. Thus, the concept of mRNA-based therapy is born.

“Matter” or “messenger” RNAs of residual synthesis in the body This allows inducing an immune response and tuning T cells against cancer cells. There is a kind of immune system learning: it develops on its own to fight it as it manifests. Therefore, we are talking about a vaccine, not a medicine – after vaccination, the body is watered down protection from oredelelele fair

However, the availability of appropriate vaccines does not guarantee recovery from cancer. For doctors, the lungs select a vaccine for a specific ool, individually for each patient, with n Pralk made.

Source: Tech Cult

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