Something with Google adapting their apps to big screens and it would have been ideal if it had happened sooner. But the truth is, the form is taking this step before the next arrival of the Pixel tablet (and we mustn’t forget that it has its own version of Android for such devices). It was now known that the time had come. ChromiumThe browser is excellent.

This is one of the android apps most used And the truth is, its good performance and the sheer number of options it offers are more than enough reasons to do so. But, yes, it must be said that in a terminal with a 6-inch screen to date, it is the same from a ten-inch terminal. And this did not allow him to take full advantage of the latter. Fortunately, this is something that will change.

A new version of Chrome for tablets has arrived

According to the information shared by Google itself, in a few days, anyone with a tablet with the Android 12L operating system for these devices will be able to download a new version of Google Chrome. This includes new features that are important for improving user experience and productivity.

An example of what we are saying is that the grid view tabs those that are open in both vertical and horizontal directions. This means that the visualization is much better and therefore usability is radically increased, as choosing is something that is easier to obtain. The reason is obvious: The entire extension of the screen is adaptablesomething that has never happened before.

New Google Chrome options for tablets


Beside multitasking This is something improved in this new version of Google. Having two apps open at the same time is something that’s already done regularly. And content can be dragged from the app to others as soon as the browser update is installed (initially Google’s own, but the rest of the companies will be able to offer the same compatibility). An example of its functionality is that you can: drag a link to a Keep note just by performing the drag motion. A very important development indeed.

Even rendering has been improved

This may seem trivial, but in reality it is not. By doing this permanently in Desktop Mode, sailing experience same as presented. chrome version for desktop. These similar actions can be made and there will be no restrictions to take advantage of all the features offered by the websites. Therefore, in this section there will be almost no difference between the desktop version and the version for mobile devices.

With all that said, it’s clear that Google has done a great job of making the Chrome browser much better for tablets. This makes it clear: big future bets It is through these devices that the company does not cease to grow in sales.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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