Grants should be used to implement three main projects: the adventure game “Trains”, whose budget will be 180 million rubles, the real-time strategy “Denis Davydov” about the partisans of the war of 1812 – about 50 million rubles, the tactical game “Sparta” – about 200 million rubles.

Regarding “Sparta”, this is not the promotion of PMCs or any mercenaries, but the desire and opportunity to create a “positive image of the Russian army.” Because the warriors of this fictional PMC, who also fight in a fictional African country, solve Russia’s problems abroad.

The Internet Development Institute said that the idea of ​​​​such a game development meets current realities. Sparta will be developed on the Unity engine, and sales are planned not only in Russia, but also abroad.

At the start of development, about 130 million rubles will be required, while a total grant of 200 million does not take into account the costs of marketing activities. Lipsar Studio, the studio that received a grant of 90 million rubles, will be responsible for the development.

Vasily Ovchinnikov, head of the Video Game Industry Development Organization, said he was not surprised that he received support for the project. According to him, the game will allow “to distribute the ideas and storytelling needed by the authorities in the Russian Federation and abroad.” At the same time, he believes the project could fail if the game contains “directly chauvinistic content”.

Source: Ferra

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