Some users of the M1 Max chip version of Mac Studio are reporting a constant high pitched noise from the fan.

A little over a month ago, Mac Studio was officially introduced. This team comes as: An ideal choice for designers and experts It’s looking for the best specs and compact design, very reminiscent of the Mac mini. Also, when combined with Studio Display, it is an ideal option for the vast majority of users.

However, a few weeks after its release, problems with mac studio. Some users of the version with the M1 Max chip, that is the cheapest, complained about it. equipment constantly emits a high-pitched noise this seems to come from the fan and cannot be avoided.

Mac Studio in trouble: The cheapest version produces a very high-pitched sound that annoys users

As we mentioned, according to some users on the MacRumos forums, Mac Studio is continuous high pitched sound. Not like the voice of the fans but completesbut it looks like it might be related.


According to some users like sunsetblvdwhen there is fan noise and it is not annoying when using the equipment, because it only makes a loud noise when the processor or graphics are compressed to the maximum, the constant rumbling noise is so annoying: “After a week or two I started noticing a high-pitched, whining sound. The ordinary fan noise could be heard but not that bothersome. The sharp noise was something he couldn’t ignore. I have a relatively quiet workspace and the sound managed to distract me”.

After the failure, many users applied to Apple’s own support or the company’s official stores for a solution. Again, According to the folks from Cupertino, the computer noises are normal.. There are also many users who persistently replace their Mac Studio with another new unit. However, as it’s a common error, some point out that: the new model keeps making the same sound.

Some people went a step further, for example h43mand we measured the frequency at which Mac Studio emits this sound. According to that, noise propagates at 2120hzie it can become quite annoying depending on the working environment and the hearing status of each person.

Mac Studio makes a high-pitched sound

Some Mac Studios emit a very high-pitched noise that can annoy and distract users. Picture: MacRumors

Similarly, it should be noted that the vast majority of users reporting this high-frequency noise issue in Mac Studios have the M1 Max chip version. Meanwhile, Those using the M1 Ultra chip don’t seem to suffer such problems. However, taking that into account, it makes a lot of sense. The ventilation systems of the two models are different..

Meanwhile, some users who are bothered by the noise Taking advantage of the 14-day return period Apple has offered a refund for the equipment. However, for those of you who are past the deadline and have encountered this issue with your drive, all you can do is, Contact Apple Support to find a possible solution.

Source: i Padizate

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