There’s nothing to be jealous of the Apple Watch: This smartwatch has 2 weeks of battery life, GPS and a personal trainer

HUAWEI knows how to make very good watches and is currently one of the best smartwatch manufacturers on the market.

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If you’re thinking of buying a high-end smartwatch but can’t afford an Apple Watch, this is the HUAWEI smartwatch you will love it. We’ve come across this excellent alternative to the Apple Watch for a few years now. 329 150 Euros on Amazon and in the HUAWEI store. a highly recommended purchase for that price, which is currently half the Watch SE. And be careful, because the price is the lowest on the net, as we saw on MediaMarkt at 165 Euros.

HUAWEI has been making great smartwatches on the market for years and has been going head-to-head against Samsung’s Galaxy Watch and even Apple’s Apple Watch. This HUAWEI Watch GT Runner is one of the best smartwatch options available. for its battery, sensors, sensitivity, perfect customization and has durability.

Watch HUAWEI GT Runner

Watch HUAWEI GT Runner | see price

Buy a good sports watch for 150 euros

Watch HUAWEI GT Runner

This smartwatch is attractive and sporty at the same time

Have a smart watch on your wrist It will help you in various aspects and moments of the day.. This HUAWEI watch is 100% compatible with any mobile phone and system, both iOS and Android and even Windows Phone (if it’s already there). As the name suggests, HUAWEI Watch GT Runner by and for runnershowever, this does not mean that it cannot be used by a person who does not exercise constantly.

Watch HUAWEI GT Runner

This is a watch to wear on your greatest adventures away from home

HUAWEI watch us a series correct data So much so that we take action either by doing more sports, moving less or giving up some habits. Also, this is a very solid watchWe can submerge it up to 50 meters deep. shower, pool or sea. In the latter case, with a subsequent bath of fresh water to avoid salt.

The Apple Watch is no longer alone in the market.

This is the HUAWEI Watch GT Runner, 2 weeks autonomy, or 7 days of heavy use. The change would be brutal if it comes from an Apple Watch whose battery only lasts 18-24 hours. It is a very comfortable and light watch, weighs only 38.6 grams and is made of polymer fiber with a ceramic coating and aircraft grade titanium alloy crown. Body size is 46mm, circumference for wrists 14-21cm.

We have a round screen 1.43″ Amoled type with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels. we have a memory 4GB internalabout 2.5 GB will come in handy and a speaker and microphone to use the watch as a phone during calls. We have a built-in instructor. will give us basic and advanced instructions to gradually improve our skills in certain disciplines, according to the activity we choose and practice at every moment.

Watch HUAWEI GT Runner

Watch HUAWEI GT Runner | see price

At the level of sensors we have it all, thanks to sensors we will be able to know even the smallest detail of our movements. heart rate, blood oxygen levels, steps, distance traveled, sleep quality, and a GPS chip Dual band supporting all 6 major navigation systems.

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