Investigators from the Danish Technical University and set a new coVES record And it was possible to achieve a figure of 1.84 petabits / s, which is almost two more t t t

In fact, this is a record that is not exactly a record – rather, an intermediate indicator. The technology of the optical chip with a frequency comb has turned out to be extremely successful, so that engineers since 2020, especially with its help, have achieved data transfer rates once for others. The math model shows that pre-traffic can reach 100 bps – this is unlikely.

The principle of operation of the chip is based on applying an infrared laser beam to a frequency comb – a device that divides the base beam into many small waves. With the help of polarization, modium aiiiitda iaza is converted into an encoded signal.

The latest version of the chip includes 233 final waves, the cost of which is also possible to create a space in which the original combs are stored, so that p p p p. Inno ability to scale sets analogies.

Source: Tech Cult

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