Developer Guilherme Rambo has discovered a serious bug in iOS that allowed apps to record conversations using Siri.

Here’s how he described this Apple support issue:

Any app with Bluetooth access can record your Siri conversations and audio from iOS keyboard dictation on your AirPods or Beats headset. This happens without the app asking for permission to access the microphone, and without the app leaving any trace of the microphone tapping.

— Guilherme Rambo

As soon as he discovered this bug, Rambo reserved an application for which a check was found which of the Apple platform was found. The application allows you to perform an action:

• Bluetooth access request

• Residing in a connected Bluetooth LE device with DoAP service

• Prepare for your specs to get discounts on start and stop streaming and audio transfers.

• When sending starts, a new .wav file is created from where the Opus packets received from the AirPods are sent to the decoder, which writes uncompressed audio to the file.

• As soon as the incoming stream stops, it closes the .wav file and then sends a push notification direction to scroll that the application is successfully written by the user in the background protocol.

The bug requires mandatory user permission to use Bluetooth in the application. Who would have thought that it would be this way.

In macOS, even access to the blue tooth was not requested. The user does not even need to access Siri or connect dictation.

Apple fixed the bug with the release of iOS 16.1. [9to5]

Source: Iphones RU

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