Duolingo is one of the most popular apps in any app store. However, until now, the friendly green owl has only helped us learn different languages, both real and fictional – Valyrian and Klingon. But it looks like the company wants to expand into other areas and has confirmed an important innovation: now wants to help you become a math expert.

That’s it. With Duolingo Math, the green owl changes the subject. After a year of brief introduction to the new application the company has finally decided to release it for all iOS users. Best of all, it has a lot in common with its child app, so if you already know one, you can easily navigate the other.

With fun, colorful animations and easy Duolingo Math challenges turns one of the scariest themes almost into a game. This way you can learn while having fun and be corrected when you make a mistake.

Duolingo Math offers a solution to a widespread problem

As we mentioned above, mathematics is one of the scariest subjects in the world. Nonetheless, much of this fear comes from a social predisposition towards the issueand not really about the complexity it has to offer.

And Duolingo Math decided to resist this. By changing the serious and ordinary dynamics of mathematics, it gives us a much more entertaining and lively view of the subject. Of course, its difficulty will increase with each level starting from elementary school exercisesand moving on to other more adult approaches as we go along.

Of course you will find from divisions to multiplications, additions, subtractions and fractions. Decimal numbers, areas, geometry, and measurement scales will also be shared among the various levels of Duolingo Math.

We will also find a mental training section. With this, Duolingo Math hopes to improve intelligence with math, and it comes with slightly more complex exercises. In addition, it allows you to get quite practical knowledge, such as converting pounds and ounces to other measurement systems.

math anxiety

During the development of their app, Duolingo conducted a survey on math anxiety. In this way, found that 93 percent of adults in the United States suffered from it at some point in their lives to a greater or lesser extent.. So it also confirms that at least half of the high school students have “great math anxiety.”

Today you can start downloading Duolingo Math on your iOS or iPadOS device. However, it is currently only available in English. Of course, other languages ​​will be included over timeAlthough we still don’t know when. Similarly, Duolingo Math has not confirmed a release date for Android devices.

Source: Hiper Textual

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